Former patient motorbiking across Siberia for charity!

Welcome to this week’s blog! Thank you to all of those of you have sent feedback on our academic paper released in last week’s newsletter. Some of you have said that it was a little overwhelming going through that much information on your computer. So, we are currently hatching a plan to create an “Easy Reading Guide,” and looking at the possibility of actually posting a printed copy of the paper to those on our database. Hopefully this will make it much easier to follow this very exciting paper! If you would like to have a look at the full version in the meantime you can do so at OHC Research Paper.

We are extremely excited this week to be letting you know about an incredible charity event that is taking place next month. Simon Limpus, who is a former patient of the clinic and in fact the clinic’s first ever employee, is going to be motorbiking 1500km across Siberia in temperatures ranging from –40 to –60! You can watch a video with Simon and Alex about his journey with ME/CFS and the fundraising event in support of The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation below. All sponsorship received will go directly to the Foundation (with over £1200 already donated), so please do support Simon in this incredible adventure! You can read more about the event and sponsor Simon at

We hope you have a great week, and we are hoping to be able to announce the brand new Conscious Transformation to you next week!

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