Big announcements coming in next week!

If you have been following our newsletters over recent months, you will know that Alex has been teasing us with suggestions of some very big announcements and changes at The Optimum Health Clinic!  As is often the way with these things, there have been a few delays, but we are nearly there, and will be telling you all about them in the next 7-10 days, so keep an eye on your e-mails!

In the meantime, because we’ve had a number of people asking about The 90 Day Programme recently, we thought we’d share again with you a video from last year about why we believe this to be the only programme like it available.  In the video Anna and Alex talk about why they created the programme, what is involved, and what you can expect from attending.  You can view the video below.

Also, thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on the Alex’s new video series introducing our new online training “The Ultimate Therapist Training.”  If you haven’t signed up for this free series of three fascinating videos, you can do so at

Have a great week, and we are very excited to be sharing our big news with you soon!

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