Maladaptive stress response and upcoming projects!

Welcome to this week’s video blog. As alluded to in recent newsletters, we have a number of very exciting projects about to launch at The Optimum Health Clinic, but many of the details are still under wraps! If you would like to get a sneak peak of what is coming next though, check out this short video shot on a portable camera with Alex behind the scenes in the Optimum Health Clinic studio. The quality is not amazing, but a few bits are given away!

And, to keep you going in the meantime before what is likely to be one of the busiest times in The Optimum Health Clinic history, we thought we’d share with you again a recent video that Alex filmed with Thora from our psychology team talking about the Maladaptive Stress Response. This is an absolutely critical part of the work we do at The Optimum Health Clinic, and this video is a fantastic introduction to this area, and also a great reminder for those who are already familiar with the OHC approach.

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