Behind the scenes of the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition department

Welcome to this week’s video blog! We have two new videos for you this week, to start to make up for the lack of new videos over recent months! In this first video, Alex is talking with Director of Nutrition, Tanya Page, about how the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition department works. If you’ve ever wondered how we select practitioners to join OHC, the process they have to go through to join OHC (it’s pretty intense!), and also how the nutrition department works together behind the scenes, this video tells all! You can view it below, we hope you find interesting.

For our second video of the week, we have a further video with Alex and Tanya talking about the work the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition team does with Fibromyalgia. For anyone experiencing Fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS with pain, this is a helpful overview of how the team may be able to help. You can view it below.

Have a great week, and we look forward to letting you know about the very exciting launch of our brand new online psychology training course next week!

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