Secrets to Recovery and help with charity

For those of you not currently part of Secrets to Recovery, we thought you might like to know that due to a number of requests, we have ordered a small further supply of MP3 players (less than 100 currently available). For those not already part of we strongly urge you to investigate more now. This is one of the most important parts of The Optimum Health Clinic approach and is simply the most cost-effective support we offer, with over 100 hours of content available for less than the price of one consultation at the clinic. You can also sign up for a free trial with access to 16 fascinating recovery stories, a copy of a recent book published by The Optimum Health Clinic, and information on accessing benefits – you really cannot afford to miss this – find out more at

Secondly, we need your help! As you may know, The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation is a registered charity (number 1131664) set up by Alex Howard and various friends of The Optimum Health Clinic, to support research into integrative health and the kinds of approaches used by the clinic team. We are very keen to move forwards with the charity and are looking for volunteers to help us. We will be talking more about this in months to come, but there is a very specific role we are looking to fill at the moment – we need a volunteer fundraising manager! Click here to download a job description and application details.

Finally, as some of you may know, Alex is currently on paternity leave. He and his fiancé Tania (not the same as Director of Nutrition Tanya, at The Optimum Health Clinic, before the rumours start!) had a beautiful baby girl called Marli, born on Tuesday 12th July at St Mary’s Paddington. All three are doing wonderfully well and enjoying this magical time together. We have posted a few photos below for those that are interested! Please feel free to comment and we’ll make sure Alex reads them.

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