Reactions to supplements part 4: Detoxification Part 1

Welcome to this week’s video blog. This week, we have the latest video in our series on the reasons why we find people have reactions to supplements, and how we effectively work with this at The Optimum Health Clinic. In this video, Alex is talking with Tanya Page (Director of Nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic) about detoxification and liver congestion.

We also thought you might like to know that our next Meditation For Life group is starting towards the end of June. These sessions are a great support to the psychology work we do at The Optimum Health Clinic, and are run by conference call (meaning you can join in a small group by telephone from the comfort of your own home!) with Linda Hall, a recovered patient, meditation teacher and member of our psychology team. You can find out more about the sessions at and to find out more details, please e-mail [email protected]

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