Alex Howard’s recovery story, told with very personal pictures never released before…

Welcome to this week’s video blog.  This has been one of the craziest weeks in the history of The Optimum Health Clinic.  The response to the brand new has been like nothing we have experienced before.  Within the first week, already half of the first 500 lifetime memberships which include a FREE MP3 PLAYER have been taken, this is before many people even finish their free trials!  Feedback from those thave have joined the site has been amazing (see bottom of the post for some examples)…

In reponse to this, Alex has gone all sentimental and recorded an immensely personal video about his own recovery story, including a number of very private photos never released before (Alex apologises in advance if you have no interest in his story and suggests you ignore this part of the e-mail!).  In the video, he talks about the key turning points in his recovery journey, he shares photos showing the physical impact of some of the extreme detoxes he did, the chair where he did hundreds of hours of meditation because he was too ill to sit up, and the beach where he was able to first exercise again, and ultimately how all of this has culminated in the vision of The Optimum Health Clinic and the current major relaunch of Secrets to Recovery.  If you are interested in discovering the story behind OHC, please click play below to watch the video.

If you have not yet taken up the opportunity for your free 7 day trial, please click here to find out more.

If you are ready to join the site, receive your FREE MP3 PLAYER, and benefit from Lifetime Access at a huge discount, please click here.

We hope you enjoy this week’s video, and please do see below for some of the feedback we have received on Secrets so far…


“Brilliant:) Whoever’s idea that was, please tell them thank you from me, it is really thoughtful and exactly the kind of thinking that makes me trust you guys with my money and my health, you lovely bunch of people, you. :)”

“Despite having been a member of the S to R group ALMOST until now, I have signed up again as really your new modules etc. sound almost too good to be true – AND an MP3 player the thought of which up to now has terrified me (I did get one at one point in order to download the Secrets stuff and failed totally, so this is just brilliant!).

All the best, and many congratulations to you all on what looks like a really groundbreaking and splendid addition to the OHC stable of helpfulness.”

“The new Secrets to Recovery is as you say awesome, so full of relevant and important information that gives sufferers of ME/CFS a hope that with using this material that a cure will happen. I have joined immediately as I so want to be part of this new venture of yours. Well Done Alex and your team, what would we do if people like yourselves didnt care. Thank You”

“Just wanted to congratulate you on making Secrets to Recovery V2.  It is so much better than V1 and I’m so glad I’ve rejoined.  Have been using the meditation sessions every day.  It’s great and is just like Linda is giving you a one to one lesson in your own home.   Really like the fact that the video clips are quite short and succinct – makes it really easy to follow and keep focused, especially when concentration can be a problem with ME.”

“Hello Alex,

I just wanted to personally send you a message offering my thanks for making this offer of the new Secrets To Recovery available to me and all the other present and past members of OHC.

I spent most of yesterday looking at some of the modules especially the EFT section.  The videos reduced me to tears as I found them very supportive it was like having help available to me in person and I did not feel so alone in my own home and isolated from the rest of the world.  It’s so hard to get support and understanding from others that do not fully understand what we go through from day to day.

I would also like to say thank for offering these on an instalment plan which helps me a lot financially….don’t think I would have been able to afford them otherwise!

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky 500 to receive an MP3 player which would make things a lot easier as well and less tiring staring at the computer screen.

Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Warm wishes”

“Hi Alex ,Anna and Team

I have recently subscribed to the new Secrets to Recovery and have had let you know what a fantastic job you guys have done, I only wish this had been available to me when I first became sick in 1997,it would have saved me years of ill health, stress, and of course lots and lots of cash. Having been very ill with M.E bedbound for many years, the clinic gave me a whole new perspective on life, not just my illness for which I will always be grateful. I am not fully recovered yet, but having got sick in my late thirties I have had a lot of damage to undo ,physically, spiritually and emotionally, however, I am on my  way.”

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