Secrets to Recovery is very nearly ready!

This is your advance warning that we are very nearly there, the brand new Secrets to Recovery is launching within the next week!  Thank you to everyone that has helped us to create what we believe is the best project we have ever launched…

Apart from moving over to video sessions with The Optimum Health Clinic team teaching you everything from advanced EFT techniques and psychology tools, to meditations and even cooking demonstrations, we have also created an extremely simple modular learning platform, helping you navigate the vast amount of resources.  With 15 brand new video modules, Secrets to Recovery comes to over one hundred hours of sessions!  And, in the quest to make Secrets as accessible as possible to everyone, Alex has slightly lost the plot, and is including a free MP3 player with the entire contents of Secrets to Recovery preloaded (meaning you just open the box and press play!) for a limited number of members!

As you are probably realising, this is like nothing we have ever done before… and to give you every opportunity to preview just how incredible a resource this will be we are also going to offer a completely free 7 day trial… so, watch your e-mail in the next week to benefit, and also have a chance to receive one of our free MP3 players!

In the meantime, for this week’s video blog, we have the latest video in our series of case studies discussing real life patients with Alex and Sarah, you can view the video below. As always, we appreciate your comments or questions!

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