Video Blog: Understanding The 90 Day Programme

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on our recent video series. The videos will remain on the blog, so please do watch them as many times as you find helpful, along with making use of all of the links underneath each one.

For this week’s newsletter, we have Anna interviewing Alex about “The 90 Day Programme.” In this video, Alex explains how “The 90 Day Programme” came about, what it includes, what participants can expect, and why we believe it to be the best psychology based course for ME available. You can view the video below.

Remember also, if you are not a patient of The Optimum Health Clinic and are interested in exploring “The 90 Day Programme” or any of our other treatment programmes further, you can do so by booking a free 15 minute chat with one of The Optimum Health Clinic team. You can find out more about 15 minute chats, along with watch a short video explaining how they work at

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