Subtypes and predisposing factors, and why they are so critical in supporting recovery and preventing relapse

We hope you enjoyed the first video in our sequence of videos discussing the question, “Is it possible to make a full recovery from ME?” Here is the second video, which explains succinctly and simply the key subtypes in ME, and why we believe their inclusion in our treatment protocol is so critical to support recovery and preventing relapse. You can view the video below. Look out for the third video, which includes a groundbreaking new model analysing different psychology treatments to ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia and how they compare to the OHC approach.

Here are some additional links you might find helpful in deepening your understanding of this video:
If you haven’t already, please download our “Freedom From ME Information Pack” (click here) which includes “ME in 21st Century: You are no longer a mystery” our original report explaining subtypes

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