Thanks for your feedback!

Welcome to this week’s blog.  Thank you so much to all of you that filled in our survey last week.  We appreciate so much all of the kind words, it really does mean so much to us all.  There have also been some immensely helpful suggestions which we will come back to in a future newsletter.  As a result of your feedback, Alex has been developing an idea of how to make some of the tools from our psychology home study courses available free of charge, so if you’d like to find out more about this, please watch the video below, and watch your e-mail for more information and a further video from Alex in a few days time.

We are also pleased to be sharing the latest of our transcripts of our video blog sessions.  This week we have a transcript of a video with Alex and Tanya (Director of Nutrition) talking about Mitochondrial function in ME and CFS.  This transcript explains one of the most mysterious symptoms in ME, where you can do an activity and feel fine at the time, but then crash two or three days later (what is known as the delayed fatigue response).  You can read the transcript here and watch the original video here.

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