Video Blog – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS: The Stages of Treatment

Welcome to this week’s video blog. When the first draft of this was written, the sun was shining in London, England were still in the world cup and it hadn’t yet rained at Wimbledon. Alas, one of these has already changed at the time of sending. It just goes to show how much can change in twenty-four hours!

On a separate note(!) our first video this week is with Sanna from our nutrition team talking to Alex about the importance of approaching treatment on the nutrition side of the clinic in stages. For example, trying to do more “sexy” treatment programmes such as Mitochondrial treatment before dealing with the basics can not only be less cost effective, it can also actually slow down the treatment process. Alex and Sanna also discuss why patient specific treatment is so important and at the core of OHC values.

[youtube K3pF_8dY-hc]

Our second video is the latest instalment from Alex and Sanna’s talk earlier this year in Stockport. In this video, Alex and Sanna talk about the role of adrenal fatigue in chronic fatigue and ME, along with its link with digestion.

[youtube A0ZoEEuumjc]

Please do comment on our videos and post any additional questions you might have. Finally, thank you for those of you that have been asking about further transcripts of our videos. Just to let you know, we are on the case and plan to start adding them to our blog with next weeks newsletter. So, watch this space!


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