Video Blog: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS: Healing State

Welcome to this week’s video blog. Our first video this week is with Alex and Anna (Director of Psychology) talking about the importance of being in a healing state for recovery from CFS, ME and fibromyalgia. This video is a great introduction to the work the psychology department does, as well explaining how you can be “resting” all of the time and feel like you are not moving forwards, and also introducing in simple terms what you being to do to get into a healing state.

[youtube E6QwUMyg2Qg]

For our second video of the week, we thought you might enjoy some video footage of a group of patients from the clinic (all at the time in recovery from CFS and ME) karate chopping a piece of wood in half at our Conscious Transformation seminar with Alex last year.

[youtube O7MB9gGZ2_M]

Additionally, for those of you based in either Manchester or Stockport, Alex and Sanna (from our nutrition team) are going to be in Manchester Thursday 11th in the evening and Stockport Friday 12th in the morning giving a talk about nutrition and M.E. – click here for more information


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