Raw Food and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are greatly reduced by the introduction of raw foods. Uncooked foods are living. Their nutrients and enzymes actively interact with the body when consumed and cause a live energy effect. When food is cooked above 120 degrees farenheit the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. Cooked foods cause an energy depleting reaction through out the body.

When foods are processed or cooked their inherent energy is removed. When a person diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms eats these foods their already fatigued state is increased. The intake of highly processed and cooked foods is more draining that if they did not eat at all. Scientists do not fully understand the mechanism of raw foods versus cooked foods and why there is a synergistic affect from the raw foods, but they do agree that raw foods contain live energy.

Certain raw foods are categorized as super foods. These super foods emit a strong energy force when photographed under Kirlian light. The following foods have the highest Kirlian effect: seaweeds-kelp, Kombu, and dolce. Other super foods are wheat, barley grass, spinach, lemon and orange peel, bee pollen, spirulina, chlorella, green leafy vegetables and most herbs. The majority of these are available in powder form and their processing was not heated only dried. These super foods are an excellent supplement for chronic fatigue.

Sprouts have the highest energy and largest percentage of raw energy because they are still in the growing process. Sprouts contain high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll pigments. The ratio of vitamins of sprouts to other vegetables can range as high as 2000 percent.
Sprouter trays are readily available and a convenient way to grow sprouts. Follow the instructions for each type of sprout and some are ready to eat within 24 hours. Other sprouts are available within 5-6 days, but do not eat any sprout older than 1 week. The roots will have developed which causes the sprout to have a bitter taste.

Foods that contain fruits and vegetables can appear healthy, but they do not support optimum energy levels because they have been cooked or highly processed. Fruit juices that contain 100% juice even if they do not have added sugar are not healthy. They have been heated to a level to kill bacteria which also kills the enzymes and nutrients needed to heal chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Packaged or tinned soups, fruits and vegetables are in the same category as the bottled juices.

Hummus, salsa, guacamole, if store bought, have been processed with heat or have added preservatives and their nutrients have been killed. Prepare these foods at home and they will have the greatest impact on the sufferers of chronic fatigue.

Fruits and vegetables in superstores may have been stored for months, and will not give the healing needed for those with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. This storage will deplete the nutrients and enzymes in the produce. Organic fruits and vegetables may not be a healthy alternative either if they have been stored for any length of time. The ideal fruit and vegetable is the one eaten within days of being harvested.

Some vegetables are not easily digested and need to be cooked. The suggested method of cooking vegetables to preserve the nutrients and enzymes is steaming. Cabbage and broccoli are not easily digested and can cause discomfort if eaten raw. These vegetables can be juiced if steaming is not an option.

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