Far InfraRed Sauna Therapy and Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be treated with far infrared sauna therapy. The concept of the sauna has been around since ancient times. Saunas provide a dry hot temperature to raise the body’s temperature to promote the dilation of blood vessels which leads to perspiration through the pores of the skin. This activity releases toxins from the body.

Some patients, especially ones with chronic fatigue cannot tolerate the elevated temperature of the room. Infrared sauna therapy is a directed source of heat light without the need to elevate the temperature of the room. Infrared sauna therapy is less invasive and produces better results than dry saunas.

Infrared sauna improves the body’s circulation and internal congestion. Those that suffer from chronic fatigue will experience improved feeling of well being. Raising the body‘s core temperature kills bacteria and viruses which adds to the overall health benefits of the individual.

Perspiration removes heavy metals, toxins, and radio active particles that can clog the body’s metabolism.

Infrared sauna offers the same benefit of exercise without the effects of exertion. When a person is chronically fatigue, physical exercise can deplete the benefits.

A sauna will inhibit the adrenal response of flight or fight. Sweating induces a relax and digest response which gives the body a stress free benefit.

Infrared sauna therapy loosens tendons and ligaments and relaxes the nervous system responses. This can reduce the pain from chronic fatigue felt in the joints.

Infrared sauna therapy helps the body maintain a balanced PH level which aids in reducing inflammation in patients with chronic fatigue diagnosis.

The increased body temperature hastens the destruction of weaker cells that have been exposed to parasites, bacteria, viruses, radiation, and fungi.

Infrared sauna therapy stimulates the production of proteins that are designed to have an added healing affect on the body.

Deep tissue healing is promoted from sauna therapy.

Reduces pain by increasing circulation, oxygenation, removing toxins and lowering the sensitivity of sympathetic nervous responses.

The benefits of infrared sauna therapy are targeted for anyone with toxins from pesticides, mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, nickel and cadmium, patients with multiple chemical sensitivity, low and high blood pressure, cold hands and feet, muscle, joint and nerve pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

During infrared sauna therapy treatments negative symptoms may increase. These negative symptoms are actually a sign of healing. Contact your practitioner if they feel these symptoms are too severe. When toxins are removed from the cells they bombard the blood stream and are transported to the liver, kidneys and intestines. This bombardment causes a temporary overload to the body.

Symptoms of overload are fatigue, skin rashes, infections, foul body odor and sensitive to certain foods. For patients with chronic fatigue syndrome the effects will be greater than a healthy person.

Increased bile from the liver may be dumped into the intestines which results in diarrhea or abdominal pain.
Dormant infections may become active due to the body’s reduced immune response.

The thyroid and adrenal gland becomes active trying to combat the bombardment of toxins. This leads to adrenal stress which promotes inflammation, fluctuating blood sugar and can cause sleep disturbances.
Chemicals from drugs that are stored in the cells may be released such as anti biotics. Their release will cause healthy bacteria in the intestines to be reduced which will lead to diarrheoa or constipation.
To reduce the reactions of infrared sauna therapy it is best to shorten the sauna sessions or eliminate them for a short period of time until the symptoms are bearable. Relax frequently. Drink plenty of filtered water and eat light meals. Do not take vitamins or supplements that are not related directly to detoxification. Before beginning infrared sauna therapy introduce other detoxification means such as: enemas, massage, colonics, acupuncture, chiropractor therapy, castor oil packs, or foot reflexology. These detoxification measures are also beneficial to individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Certain precautionary measures are necessary before beginning infrared sauna therapy. Do not wear metal jewelry. Menstrual flow can be increased during sauna therapy. High blood pressure should be monitored as sauna therapy raises the body temperature which directly affects blood pressure. Pregnant or lactating women should have a physicians release before undergoing infrared sauna therapy. Any prosthetic devise that is metal based should be tested in the sauna for short periods of time until a tolerable level of time is determined.

Diabetic should introduce shorter sauna sessions to determine their affect on blood sugar.

Ingestion of LSD or other psychedelic drugs can release of flashback as sauna releases stored chemicals in the tissues of the cell.

Heat stroke may result, although rare, and anyone undergoing infrared sauna therapy should always have an attendant near. Never take an infrared sauna without having support near.

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