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Sofa Heroes Give It Up in March

Set up your fundraiser with JustGiving or Facebook

In March we are Giving It Up to raise money for ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia research

In April 2013 The Optimum Health Clinic was gifted to registered charity The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation and so any profits generated are invested directly into it’s research programme, which is where the research for our Randomised Control Trial started.  The clinical trials study is gaining momentum and we look forward to updating you on our achievements so far later this year, for more information on this visit our research area here.

In June 2017 we launched our fundraising campaign ‘Sofa Heroes’ to help fund the clinical trials.  As a part of that and to celebrate 5 years of being a owned as a charity we are running a month long fundraiser of Giving It Up.

Many people with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia have to give up so much on their road to recovery, such as diet changes and giving up hobbies, so we are asking could you do the same to raise money?  Or is there something you have been trying to give up for your recovery and need the extra support of a group event to do it?

In March give up a food, a habit or anything else you fancy.

Run your Give It Up fundraiser through JustGiving or Facebook and email us at to let us know you are doing it, we will send you a Sofa Heroes t-shirt and help you with the organisation.  We also have a guide to Getting started to help you get set up.

Get your friends and family involved too and make it a team event.

Heres some ideas of things to give up:

Food – sugar, gluten, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, bread, chocolate, fizzy drinks, sweets, takeaways, ice cream…

Habits – playing games on your phone, swearing, nail biting, shaving or give up the beard, social media, smoking…

Some of the OHC team will be taking part and we will be sharing how we are getting on throughout the month on Facebook, it would be great to see you sharing how you are getting on too!

If you want to donate to our team effort visit our JustGiving page.