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Sofa Heroes

Raising Money for ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia Research

On the 7th June 2017 we launched our fundraising campaign ‘Sofa heroes’, because we know that you have to be a hero to live with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia and we believe people should have access to the treatment we can offer on the NHS. So were raising money to support the Randomised Control Trial we are conducting, you can find out more about this trial here.

Our Goal is £50,000



Nikkie – OHC Practitioner – A month of exercise

I am challenging myself to do a different form of exercise every day for a month including formal exercise classes but also things like doing housework or having a good dance in my local bar. To find out more about Nikkie’s event and why she’s doing it or to make a donation to her JustGiving […]


I will be holding a rejuvenating morning of yoga, meditation and healthy snacks that will be natural, gluten free, sugar free and caffeine free. These are some of things that have been hugely important in my recovery. To find out more about Gemma’s event and why she’s doing it or to make a donation to her […]