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Fundraising Stories

Here are some of the events that our patients, former patients and their families have run to raise money for The Optimum Health Clinic and our clinical trials.


Melanie Shah – Dry January

Melanie Shah a former patient at the clinic, pledged to complete a month free of caffeine, alcohol, gluten & sugar for The Optimum Health Clinic, in her words – ‘because they helped me regain my energy and zest for life!’. Melanie raised over £130 and felt great in the process. 


Nikkie and Micheal Wignall – Wedding

Nikkie Wignall a former patient of the clinic and her husband to be decided that rather than the traditional wedding gifts they would like their guests to make a donation to the OHC. Nikkie said, “Our first hand experience of M.E. and the amazing work that the Optimum Health Clinic are doing to progress NHS treatment is the reason we are supporting this extremely worthwhile cause” and in doing so they raised over £1200.


Simon Limpus – Bonfire and Fireworks Night and Siberia Motor Bike Trip

Simon Limpus (a former patient and OHC’s first ever employee back in 2004!) 
organised a bonfire night with fireworks and various stalls on 12th November 2011.The event was attended by around 80 people, with the festivities apparently
continuing to 6:00 in the morning! Some of the highlights included Simon managing to get hold of over £1k of fireworks for £50 (its a very long story!) with people commenting it was the better than their local town display, there was also a tug of war event and a charity auction. All together £1,123.46 was raised and a huge amount of fun was had.

Simon also motor biked 2500km across Siberia in temperatures ranging from –35 to 60! He raised over £1700 for the Clinic while having an adventure to challenge himself both mentally and physically. You can watch a video with Simon and Alex about his journey with ME/CFS and the fundraising event in support of The Optimum Health Clinic by clicking here

Ian Hatton – Coast to Coast Cycle

Ian Hatton, whose daughter has been a patient at OHC, completed a mammoth coast to coast cycle in July 2011, raising over £2000 for the foundation. Ian said, “The ride was fantastic. Scenery was such that you wished you had a video camera strapped to your helmet, and the weather was so kind to us, not a drop of rain, and the wind wasn’t too strong. Quite an achievement for us all, and I’m delighted to have been able to increase the awareness of the work you do, and raise a bit of funding for the future.”


Nancy Poller  – 15 Peaks Walk

Nancy Poller, a former patient of the clinic, walked the 15 peaks of the   Malvern Hills in June 2011, raising almost £1000.

In Nancy’s words:“Well…I did it! 7 hours, 15 peaks and lots of sandwiches…We walked from Chase End hill at the very South end of the Malverns all the way to North Hill, crossing through Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire along the way! I climbed every one of the 15 peaks on the route, with brill support from Andy and Dad. Buckets of thanks to everyone who sponsored me and supported me! Thinking of all the people who were behind me really helped, especially on the last few peaks when energy levels were flagging!”


The Optimum Health Clinic Firewalk

January 2009 saw the first ever Optimum Health Clinic Foundation firewalk, and what an exciting event it was.  A rather brave (or just plain stupid!) group of patients and friends of the clinic took on the burning coals with huge enthusiasm, with most of the group choosing to walk across twice.  Included in this group was Alex’s mum, who also stars in one of the best photos of the event.  If anyone ever needs proof of a mothers’ unconditional love, firewalking surely has to be it!


Lindsey Oliver – 10 Mile Run

Former patient Lindsey completed the Great South Run in November 2008, raising
over £500 for the foundation.  Here is her account of the experience:
“I genuinely enjoyed the feeling of running, and I had big moments of feeling really
proud of myself – I was really doing it! And, it was much easier than I thought it might. I crossed the line feeling tired but physically fine, which was brilliant; and I must
admit to being a bit emotional too – I had done something that 4 years ago I never
thought was possible. I also had the added bonus of my race time (1hr 31) – it was
the same as I had done it 16 years ago, which was amazing!”

To run a fundraising event see our Fundraising ideas or our Getting started guide, we also have a Fundraising Pack to help you along the way.