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Trauma Subtype

CEO Alex Howard and former Director of Psychology Anna Duschinsky look at the trauma subtype in ME/CFS. This is a very useful snippet for those who feel they may have experienced trauma in their past. To discover more, please visit :

Anxiety Subtype

In the clip, CEO Alex Howard looks at how this plays out and offers some useful strategies to work with it, one being “if you can see it, you don’t have to be it.” To discover more, please visit :

Secrets To Recovery Movie – Alex Howard, Founder and CEO

Alex Howard, Founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic, reflects on the end of his CFS recovery, looking back at his recovery time, and explaining what he could do that offered him confirmation that he was recovered from chronic illness. To discover more, click here

Secrets To Recovery – Concert Harpist Claire Jones

Claire Jones, Concert Harpist, who discusses making her latest album once recovered from ME/CFS, and the emotional journey she went on whilst recording it. To watch the full movie, please click here For more information on Claire Jones new album please visit

Balance for me now is the most important thing

Ex patient Adam discusses what life is like for him now, the things he does to ensure he lives a sustainable lifestyle, and how he’s always mindful of avoiding falling into the same trips that got him ill initially. To discover more about Nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

Nikkie – OHC Practitioner – A month of exercise

I am challenging myself to do a different form of exercise every day for a month including formal exercise classes but also things like doing housework or having a good dance in my local bar. To find out more about Nikkie’s event and why she’s doing it or to make a donation to her JustGiving […]